BattleField series tracked servers

DTC- Unreal 2004 House 'O' pain

DTC- BF-1942 DC and Pirates server

DTC- BF-BC2 HardCore server

DTC- TeamSpeak server

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Public punkbuster screenshots of known hackers on our server.

We are currently running our dedicated servers from a home based pc. That is running on it's maximum capacity to offer the services. But it is time for an update and we have to gear up so that we can offer more services and on a better level... So we are saving up to purchase a new server for our gaming clan.
Our current server realy needs to be replaced with a better, updated version that can handle our needs. As we are expanding and want to offer you all more and better dedicated servers for gaming.
We are curently running our servers on a outdated pc. So the update is realy essential.

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