Rules Of Engagement

Index updated 26th august 2010
What is R.O.E.?
Why ?
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What is R.O.E. ?

The Rules of Engagement (R.O.E.) are the guidelines we follow in any gaming server, gaming site and/or forum. Whether you are on a Leased, Personal or Official Game Server, any Forums, or chatting on any IRC, you are expected to adhere to the ROE for that engagement. These guidelines are established to ensure the member and visitor of the Gaming Community demonstrates appropriate behavior, is shown courtesy, and is treated fairly. Do not proceed if you do not agree with the ROE for the gaming network.

The following describes the general ROE that applies to all virtual presence in most: Forums, IRC, Official/Leased Official Servers, ext.

Code of Conduct:
The DTC Gaming Clan Community consists of diverse groups of players from around the world. All of us benefit from this interaction with one another. All of us should remember the "Golden Rule" by treating one another with respect and consideration. Anyone observing or subject to negative interactions with other members/players/users should be forwarded to the moderators, admins and could also use the e-mail adress shown below to report.
note: when reporting please note that your report will have better impact with proof as images, videos, links ect.

Any and all threats against the DTC Gaming Clan network or servers, including attempts to hack, crash, or flood a server, actual or implied, are instant grounds for removal and can result in legal action. From temporary kick to permanant IP Banning. If donations have been made to DTC- these will not be refunded.

Derogatory language or slander involving race, gender, sexual preference, religion or creed, including negative use of harmfull words such "gay" or "jew" will not be tolerated. When on other servers that are not our own.
Note: In DTC- Servers foul language is tolerated as long as it is not personaly intended.

Harassing other players is not permitted within any gaming communication channel.
A little healthy competitive trash-talking is tolerable; however excessive comments directed at specific players will not be tolerated.

Impersonation of Admins, Dev. team members, other members of the DTC staff, or other fraudulent use of tag of identification is immediate grounds for removal and IP Banning. This includes close spellings intended to deceive other users.

A "nick" is a textual icon in which is used to identify ones self. In the DTC Gaming Clan community, your name must adhere to Entertainment Standards Rating Board (ESRB) teen ratings. This means all virtual names chosen by our community members are expected to adhere the following:

Bear in mind the following character restrictions in the login name when signing up for DTC Gaming Clan account : ( \ / : * ? " < > | ) are NOT valid. Using any of these characters will result in your game not authenticating or saving correctly; in other words, you won't be able to complete the training missions, play online, tracked by our tracking partners.

Using hacks/cheats for personal use in online games in any form what so ever is not tolerated. When playing single player against A.I. and using cheats,hacks,trainers a.o. that is for the user to decide.
NO warning will be issued to that player, if he/she is using such uncompetitive online gameplay that can be proved to us they will get
decomissioned and placed in the hall of SHAME!

We do need proof if this is the case, screenshots are validated but please get ingame footage of players and post them on or with Please mail us the link of your video and with your complaint to
Players that are in what way so ever making an attempt to hack, cheat or abuse the systems in what way ever to gain personal advantage will NOT get warned first before getting kicked and decommisioned.
Players that have gotten the first official warning can be found here:
(these players are also under investigation) X-fire under the tab Violation of R.O.E. and on our website on the main page.

For more information check Player Conduct

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Why ?

DTC Gaming Clan is a team clan, players are expected to work together. Failure to follow the orders of the leaders in your squad is a NO GO; lone wolf Rambo's are not wanted (sometimes we do want Rambo's but then your squad will be ready to back you up! Make sure that your team knows what you are going to do!). Members are expected to comply with orders in the gameplay. If you disagree with the orders issued by the leaders in your team, you can let your statement be heard in the aftermath or in the forums. Be a team player, advance in rank and assume the role of a leader. The Teamwork aspect also goes for teamplay with other clan members in servers or with noobs or other. When gameplay is set for team play, be the one to earn respect and honor with your efforts!

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Who ?

All of the DTC Gaming Clan members, Guests on our all our servers and recruits.
On our forums as well as on teamspeak.

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When ?

All of the time when you represent a member of the DTC Gaming Clan, are a part of the DTC Staff or are a visitor to our forums, servers, x-fire and so on.

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How ?

Following these guidlines:

Forum use:
Through your use of our forum services, you agree that you will abide by the Forum Terms of Service (TOS) and will not use the forums inappropriately. Inappropriate use of the forums includes, but is not limited to, the following rules:

  1. Posts, usernames or private messages which are defamatory, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, sexually oriented, threatening, or invasive of a person's privacy or that otherwise violate any law in any country.
  2. Flaming, bashing or threatening of any individual or group.
  3. Sexually suggestive pictures or text not suitable for teens.
  4. “1337” text, binary or any other method of reproducing inappropriate content or avoiding language filters.
  5. Linking to content otherwise in violation of the TOS.
  6. Intentionally derailing the topic of conversation from the posted subject.
  7. Editing or altering any text left by a Forum Moderator in your post.
  8. Advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, commercial solicitation.
  9. Posting copyrighted material without permission.
  10. Posting or reopening of locked topics. If a topic has been locked, do not create another topic. Any questions about a locked topic should be directed to a Moderator or Community Manager via private message.
  11. “Bumping” is not permitted. If you do not have something to add to the discussion you should not post small, generic or empty content simply to increase your post count or the post count of the thread.
  12. Posting content intended to take advantage of forum or server bugs or exploits.
  13. Posting content which explains or advertise illegal game cheats or exploits.
  14. Posts that contain names of suspected cheaters.
  15. The use of open proxy servers to connect to the forums.
  16. “Trolling” or posting content designed to inflame, incite or that has no purpose at all.
  17. False reporting of posts and/or abuse of the reporting feature.
  18. Evading or attempt to evade warnings, bans, or other Moderator and Administrator actions.
  19. No abuse of mailingsystems

The following describes the Rules of Engagement (ROE) for America's Army, Battlefield and Unreal game servers (also other gaming servers), as well as player conduct within these servers. You are expected to follow these guidelines when leasing or playing on any Game Server.

Player Conduct:(online and/or network gaming)

While playing on the Official or Leased Official or Unofficial Servers, players must exhibit good conduct to enhance good attitude, and fair play. The following will not be permitted on any of the Official or Leased America's Army, Battlefield and Unreal game servers (also other gaming servers):

  1. No Abusive behavior
  2. No Vote Kicking the last active person if he is not idle
  3. No Purposely firing on teammates
  4. No Using flash or smoke grenades to disorient teammates
  5. No Spamming chat or voice commands
  6. No Standing in passageways to purposely block teammates
  7. No Disobeying orders given by the Squad or Fireteam Leaders
  8. No Camping if not nesessary
  9. No Fake deaths
  10. No Intentional violation of ROE
  11. No Spawn kills
  12. No Abuse of bugs, hacks or cheats
  13. No Abuse of map bugs, faults or glitches
  14. No Abuse of Teamspeak/Ghosting
    Teamspeak is allowed to make gaming more fun but don't abuse it.
  15. No flooding in teamspeakservers (keep messages clear and without useless info)
    if you want to have a social conversation go to the specified room (Wankers Lobby)
  16. No spamming on x-fire, aol, microsoft messenger, ICQ a.o.
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Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. Content may still be deemed inappropriate even if it does not specifically fall under one of these rules. Much the way a police officer may choose to issue a warning rather than a ticket, you may be warned via private message or in public, your post may be edited and/or the thread locked. Put simply, when in doubt, remember the Golden Rule: treat others with the same respect that you yourself wish to be treated. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

If you have complaints and or troubleshooting with members or servers from DTC- Gaming Clan.
Please e-mail us @