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26th november 2010 - Forum topic: BF-Heroes Squads.

Dear members,

Okay i talked to lots of members and am very glad that i kick ass and love you guys...

Due to the known surcomstances i've taken back control over the BF-Heroes section once again.
This means that i will guide you once more to hell and back.
I have made a topic in the forum where everything will be explained and what i expect from the "ranks" in the SQUAD's.

We are going to get ready for Clan Wars and when that goes well some leagues again.


    DTC- members that apply for the "ranks" in the SQUAD's must:
    Be active players.
    Be aible to use TeamSpeak 3 and game at the same time withouth lag.
    Have a good/high-end hardware and a good/fast internet connection.
    Have at least one lvl 20 royal or national (pref. both)
    The spare squad members (lower then lvl 20) will have time to train teamwork with us and lvl up also making it possible for them to be aible to become a full Squad Member.

All the details will be found in our forum and also the benifits you will have being one of the "ranks" of a SQUAD.