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24th november 2010 - IMPORTANT NOTICE:

Dear members,

Have some bad news.

Due to certain surcomstances i've decided to privatize our clan once more to how it was in the beginning...
This means that the leadership will once again be set fully to the owner and founders of the clan.
Friends and online gaming members will still be aible to stay or join our clan but the recruitment demands for CW will change. Everyone will still be aible to join our clan as long as they fullfill the recruitment.

There has been too much shit going on in front of me and behind my back and i can't do everything on my own here. But i will try once more.

DTC- as you know now it will exist untill the 31st of december.
We are going to clean up the mess and relaunch with changed rules and guides.
We are also going to construct a special SQUAD for ClanWars in BF-H and hopefully also BF-BC2.

So i am going to re-launch our website and start with a clean slate. Members who want to stay with us will have be active and let me know. Then i wont delete them from our database. I just wan't to say that i have enjoyed gaming with all of you and wish to see you all stay in our clan and if not wish you good luck and farewell if you leave us... But remember once you leave you can not return!

DTC-Kyle and DTC-Phil are hoping to succeed with there "DTC" where they failed in our DTC.(giving them the leadership and moderation controls over our server from BF-Heroes)
They left our clan and started there own. Now they are recruiting from our clan in hope that some will join them. If you have any questions mail them to me @ info@dtc-gamingclan.com Or ask me in TS or in X-Fire chat.

NOTE: After the re-launch:
DTC- Will not be gaming against other clans untill this is possible.(a special squad is bieng made)
All allainces will be ended.(where we have no contact with)
Sertain servers will be shut down and some sponsorships will be terminated.