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16th January 2011 - Forum topic: DTC Financial Situation 2010 and 2011.

Dear members,

Last year we had a good year but the ending was not so cheerfull.

Due to the some known issues. Some VIP members have stopped paying.
This means that we have less income!
I have made a topic in the forum where everything will be explained and what i have already done to make it a little better.

If you guys still want our servers online and the services you need to start paying or we will have to shut down some servers...


    DTC- members that pay for the rank VIP will have:
    The ability to vote and have a saying on what servers stay and what servers get shut down.
    This also depends on the amount payed per month... Vips who donate the max. contribution of 10,- have veto rights over players who pay 2,-

All the details will be found in our forum.