About DTC-

DTC is short for "Dutch Terror Corps". We are a gaming clan that was founded in june 2005. In origin i started the clan to set up the unity between friends and that the rest can see that we are together as one unity. As the word got out, there were more and more people that would like to join the clan. Why? Simple!

I don't mind if you are damn good or damn bad at the games that we play. As long as you respect the rules and the other members/gamers. If you want to learn how to be better, we can organize practice sessions on practice servers. So that you can learn how to get the best out of yourself and work together as a team. So that you can be of bennifit to us all. The most important thing is that we do take it serious when it is a clanmatch!

The members consist of young and old people from different countries, backgrounds, genders that like gaming. We do not discriminate in any way. The future of us all depends on the devotion of all our players to the clan and each other. We do follow rules from other clans on their servers. In our servers/website we make the rules!

If you have complaints e-mail us abuse@dtc-gamingclan.com !
(read our R.O.E.!) Rules Of Engagement

Dutch: "Respect dwing je niet af... Je verdiend het!"
English: "You don't force respect, you earn it!"

DTC- Gaming Clan HeadQuarters

Almost everyone is welcome to join our clan as we are here for the fun of it all. We are a clan that was specified in America's Army v.2.8.5 (old version) but due to our succes and the demand for a clan that has more to offer i have opened the doors for growth.

So now we are slowly growing in a world wide gaming community. All are welcome who want to unite and be part of a pact of brotherhood with the DTC- tag. If you join and you know friends that also game and you would like to game with them, recruit them to join our clan. Having fun with your friends and facing others together is what we are all about.

Don't hesitate to join our clan if you are interested you are welcome, no matter what background you have or country you come from. How much you play or how little. We are proud to say that we have members from around the world. We are from origin a Dutch gaming clan but i have opened recruiting for all country's. (minimum age is 16 years) We are proud of all our members from our own country and those from other countries!

I hope to see you on the battlefield!

DTC- Gaming Clan



Welcome to our domain...
DTC Gaming Clan
We come, We observe, We Rule...

(we do swear and use faul language, but this is not with aimed at personal hatred or disrespect to others.
When used in text or vocals too often players get warned,
if still there is no change in abuse of language a kick or permenant ban is possible.
We use a fair use pollicy on this subject. Trash talking for competitive playing is allowed.
When it gets personal, that changes everything.)

Read our R.O.E.(Rules Of Engagement) for more information.




i3D.net game servers
i3D.net game servers

TeamSpeak Communications
TeamSpeak Communications

Sponsoring us:

Why ? Who ? When ? How ?

It's easy let me just explain it to you one step at a time. We are a clan that have been around for 5 years now and we are expanding. We are looking for valued members to aid us in our conquest to make our DTC- tag a known one. We can take gaming very serously but most of the time we are here for the fun of it all. This can only be done by people who are dedicated to us and not only fight with us but also make it possible for us to enjoy gaming at it's fullest. We have some dedicated servers running from home but also rented servers. We need funding to keep them online. There are different costs that need to be payed. The only thing that is holding us back are the cost's and money doesn't grow on trees. That is why we are looking for sponsors and also V.I.P. members who donate montly to make it all possible.

Everybody !
And what you get in return for your sponsorship ?
Well credits that is for one, advertisment if your are a company and a whole lot of gratitude! V.I.P.(registered) status in servers of our clan.

Any time you feel that you are up to it. We preffer a montly donation but one time donations are also welcome.

You can support us by bank transfer, paypal or cash. A crate of Heineken beer would be nice for all the effort that i took in creating this clan and there registrations :P In the future when we have enough members that demand their own gaming servers they want to play on for a certain game and the income allows it they will be rented. But for now, we just have to do with what we have.
If you want to sponsor us please contact us @ sponsor@dtc-gamingclan.com we will keep you all up to date with more information on our developments.

DTC- Gaming Clan