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If you seek to contact us use the following e-mail adresses:
Global information: info@dtc-gamingclan.com
Abuse: abuse@dtc-gamingclan.com

Clan Wars / fun matches:

For clan wars/fun matches please use fill in the form and click once on submit.

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PLEASE make sure that you use the right e-mail adress so that we can contact you.

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    Battlefield 1942
    Battlefield 1942 Desert Combat
    Battlefield 1942 Pirates
    Battlefield 2
    America's Army
    Unreal Tournament 2004
    Battlefield Heroes

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    Use the submit button once! Your request for a war against our clan will be recieved and processed.
    You will recieve a reply from us as soon as we can. (mostly within 48 hrs.)

    Thank you for your request battle the DTC- Gaming Clan.

Please note:

    1.)In some cases our reply mail ends up in the JUNK MAIL ! That is not where it should be.
    so please make sure to check it regularly.
    2.)Add info@dtc-gamingclan to your safe list.
    3.)Hackers and cheaters are banished to the hall of shame.